Do what you do best!

Your culinary skills get together with our technology

Useful and Scalable

Multilingual Multi Store and user friendly
An application for bars, pubs or restaurants that automatically displays the menu on the customer's mobile, as soon as the customer enters the restaurant.
Available in a multilingual interface for both customers and restaurant owners.
Favorites (Top Menu)
Collect your favorite bars, restaurants and entertainment spots in a single app and browse freely.
Only one click away from contacting your favourite spot or getting on-the-go driving directions.
Upgrade to Pro (Top Order)
Just add the automatic ordering and payment service system.

Key Features Top Menu

No intervention is required on your computer infrastructure.
It is extremely simple and ready to use as soon as you decide to use it.

Multiple Price Lists

A multilingual restaurant app where you can enter as many price lists as you want and change prices as many times as you want.

Automatic position identification with GPS

The application on your customer's mobile automatically recognizes your store and displays your price list always updated in the customer's language.

Adaptable to your needs

Each price list can have multiple prices:
  • Dine In
  • Take Away
  • Delivery
For promotional offers you may vary the prices  depending on the time of day or the day of the week

Extensible and Highly Customizable

Allow your customers to order and pay at the table or order and pick themselves up.
Your customers can schedule delivery time and be notified when the order is ready to be delivered.

Everything at your fingertips

Struggling is over with the ability to edit from the Internet. You can do everything from your laptop, tablet or mobile. Edit your price list on the fly and let your customers access it always updated.

Web, Android and iPhone


Enter your own price list now.

Up and running in 5 mins
You can enter your own price list now to offer instant access to your customers.
It costs you nothing and a test will convince you of the usability of the system.
I was eagerly waiting for the final release of "Top Order" since the day "Top Menu" was released.
It is wonderful and exactly the way I expected. I love the ease of use interface.


All images are collected from Unsplash.